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History of Carmelight

Carmelight, a multidisciplinary journal founded in 2004, is published by Mount Carmel College Autonomous, Bengaluru, India. What started as an in-house journal metamorphosed and spread its wings as a national peer reviewed journal in 2010...

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About Carmelight


Carmelight is an international peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal promoting original good quality research from various disciplines – The Humanities and Social Sciences, Commerce and Business Studies, Languages, and the Natural Sciences which include Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences and Mathematics.  The journal is published biannually. All accepted manuscripts are granted free online open access immediately after publication. This permits users to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or link to the full texts of its articles, thus facilitating access to a broad readership.     His....


Research Topics

  • Electronic Communication
  • Home Science
  • Education
  • Archeology
  • Administration
  • Criminology


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