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General Guidelines


The manuscripts submitted to Carmelight should necessarily contain original and unpublished work and must not have been simultaneously submitted to another publisher.


Article structure

I. Subdivision 

The article shall be divided into numbered sections (1, 2, 3…). Subsections shall be numbered as 1.1, 1.2 etc. The subsections shall be given a brief heading.


II. Abstract

The abstract shall state briefly the purpose of the research, the principal results and major conclusions. References shall be avoided. Uncommon abbreviations shall be avoided, but if necessary they shall be defined at their first mention in the abstract itself.


III. Introduction

Under this heading, the author shall state the objectives of the work and provide an adequate background. A detailed literature survey or a summary of the results under this heading shall be avoided.


IV. Theory 

In the theory section, the author shall put forth an extension, and provide a foundation for further work. The background to the article already discussed in the Introduction shall not be repeated.


V. Material and methods / Experimental section

The author shall provide detail sufficiently so as to allow the results to be reproduced. Methods already published shall be indicated by citing a reference. 


VI. Results and Discussion

In this section, the author shall clearly and concisely draw results from the discussed work, and explore the significance of the results.


VII. Conclusion

The author shall present the main conclusions of the study.


VIII. References

References shall be arranged in numerical order, as they appear in the text. The Harvard referencing style shall be followed. 



Reference to a journal publication:

Jackson, A 2007, New approaches to drug therapy, Psychology Today and Tomorrow, 27(1), 54-59.


Reference to a book:

Kemmis, S & McTaggart, R (eds) 1988, The action research planner, 3rd edn, Deakin University, Melbourne.




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